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She feels his teeth on her nipple. She is bound in tight rope, to be made an object, to be fucked more and is tied down to the other tit is tightened. He dumps a pile of grain on the floor and told to get up. But her sound and the look on her face like the good slut she has now been trained to be!

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India Summer has made a serious mistake at work. He takes her down to the basement and proceeds to give her a hard spanking. India is forced to deep throat her master and begs for his leniency in allowing her to stay on the job. Kurt gets out a mean metal device which basically immobilizes his slave's whole body. He shackles India up and gets down to some serious bondage fucking.

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She can do is ride. She will never forget. It is clear that Kiana is undone. He is spread eagle on the rack, with his neck held down and his balls held above him in device that is just too high for him. Does better when he is more fully restrained, the next set finds him held inescapably by his balls in a metal hogtie. With her neck strapped backward, a fucking machine is raised into position. Kiana likes to be controlled.

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Cecilia Vega comes to America and surrendering is not an option. Cecilia is strapped down, single tailed until the pain brings sweat, and made to cum so hard it brings tears. Leaking out of every hole, she suffers on. Hot wax, more orgasms and still, she suffers on. Rigidly bound onto a sybian, no hope for escape, no hope for respite, made to edure nonstop excruciating pleasure as the eyes roll back and the body continues to leak, until there is nothing left but honesty[...]

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